Blooming Dahlia Time Lapse

Providing small-scale, custom designed gardens that are gentle on the land. Using no power equipment, thoughtful consideration is given to natural habitats and plant selection. Dahlia gardens are my specialty. Visit the Garden Selections page to see the different types of gardens we offer.

About Claire

As the first grandchild, I was fortunate to have spent my first few years in a fairy tale, surrounded by flowers at my Italian grandparents’ Victorian style home. At the tender age of four, I developed a love for the natural world instilled by my grandmother, who tended vegetable and flower gardens and a sun porch, where I played, that blossomed year-round. Almost 50 years later, my love for growing flowers, especially dahlias, was the impetus to create Serenity Garden Design and Consulting.


I started this business in 1996, on my bicycle, by delivering flyers to seacoast residents. The great results of my simple advertising methods were delightful (and surprising). Since that time, I have designed beautiful residential and commercial gardens that have brought joy and pleasure to my clients.


If you're in the neighborhood this summer, plan to stop by for seasonal fresh garden veggies, bouquets of colorful florals and mixed decorative, cactus, and dinnerplate dahlias from our roadside garden cart. For more information, please visit the Roadside Garden Cart page.


For more information on our garden design and consulting services, please send an email to or

phone 603-759-6239.

Client Testimonial:

Thanks for all your hard work. I like knowing you'll be caring for my gardens as the weeks move along.

- Kensington, New Hampshire

Dedicated to sustainable gardening without pesticides, chemicals or genetically modified seeds.